About Us
ACDS provides a safe, efficient and economical alternative to taking your system out of service.
 ACDS Services Include:
Commercial and Residential Service   Custom Fabrication
Emergency Repair Team   Deep Water with Recompression Capabilities
Underwater Video Inspection   Confined Space Entry
Underwater Still Photography   Disinfection with High Level Chlorine
Underwater Welding and Cutting   Cleaning of Cooling Towers and Cooling Loop Maintenance
Underwater Sediment Removal   Chill Water Facilities
Coating Inspection and Repair   Pipe Penetration 24" and larger for Inspection and Repairs
Pipe Plug Installation   Hot Tapping
Valve Seal Repair   Zebra Mussel Control
Leak Detection and Sealing   ROV Pipe Inspection 18" or larger to 1000'
Concrete Restoration      
Routine Service and Maintenance of
Pump House and Structures
 Expertise Levels Include:
Potable Water   Nuclear Power Generation
Raw Water   Hazmat/Environmental Cleanup
Waste Water   Confined Space Entry Work
Hydroelectric Generation      
 ACDS Acheivments:
 ACDS Divers have successfully performed underwater leak sealing on structures, pipes and sluice gates in both water and waste water.
 Penetrations up to 1200' in inlet pipes for coal fire plants and nuclear plant inlet and outlet pipes to perform repairs and video inspections.
 Installation of coffer dams and bulkheads to allow dewatering for plant restoration and repairs, of nuclear power plants, hydroelectric
 plants and waster water treatment facilities.
 Leak detection and sealing of new and existing clarifiers, water reservoirs, conduits and pump houses.
 Inspection of bridges to facilitate repairs.
 Installation and rehabilitation of traveling water screens and bar screens for paper mills and power plants.



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